Thursday, November 09, 2006

hello world.

Good morning!!!
How the hell are you today?
Me? Oh, I'm… well, I'm… okay, I am a stressed little monkey, but I'm surviving.
First, my apologies to anyone for whom I have dropped off the map. I know, I know- we have to hang out, chat, etc, and believe me, I want to, but I am on sabbatical at the moment because I have more work than I can handle and the shutting down of my social life is a prerequisite for getting anything done. I miss you all (even you, the blogging community I've never actually met) and I promise to be back at some point in the near future, but for now, I am a phantom ghost.
On other subjects, if you pick up the Barnes and Noble newsletter come Thanksgiving, I am quoted in the profile on the Reggio Writing and Democracy program, which I'm a student of at The New School.
Also, Lost Melody, and the entire Snow Blind soundtrack, will be available for purchase on iTunes later this month (I'll let you know when exactly, as soon as I'm told) and I am stepping back in the studio this coming Wednesday to record something for songwriter John Johnson, which I'll post on completion.
The new apartment is fantastic. I had my first Zabars dinner last night, watched some tele, and fell asleep with my nose in Tennyson's Ulysses by 7pm. I slept until 8am, at which point I had to force myself up to go to work.
Um, I'm tired.

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