Sunday, November 05, 2006

moving on up

i finally moved.
for real.

i’ve unpacked most of my boxes, set up my tv, organized my desk, loaded the bookshelves, and damn it, i feel good.
i have so much more room than i have had in the past. it feels so lux. i plan on installing a jacuzzi in the north west corner of the room, near the dog bed where schnitzel, my sheba inu, sleeps.
ok, it's not that spacious and i don’t have a dog, but it does feel good to be able to stretch my arms out and not have them touch both walls.
and it's so quiet in my room now. i used to be on top of a loud bar with live music. if the bass didn't wake you, then the smokers who huddled and bantered outside the entrance did. it never really bothered me because i was heavy sleeper, but i notice the silence now, and i like it.
i also like the fact that i am across from a gorgeous church, two blocks away from my gym, zabars, two good bookstores, a library, a huge movie theater, and tons of fantastic grocery stores.
now i just have to get used to the altitude.

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