Thursday, November 30, 2006

getting in touch with your roots

i recently had a myspace member, who shared my last name, contact me to see how we were related. though we could draw no direct lines (i actually know little to nothing about my family), we carried on a dialogue, regardless.

he's currently fighting in iraq- the only person i've been in direct contact with who is doing so. even though we've never met, his little messages have managed to make the war there a bit more concrete for me, has made it more of a reality, because i feel we are, even if only distantly, connected.

this is the beauty of exploring ones roots- the recognition that we are all, as human beings, part of one great, extended family.
i am, in some obscure or overt way, connected to you right now; it's compelling when you stop to think about it.

go check out your heritage if you're interested. is offering freebie access to its database until dec. 31.

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