Friday, December 01, 2006

ten reasons why it’s awesome to be me

1. The fabulous Upper West Side apartment I've been raving about? Turns out it's infested with bed bugs. Yes, the very ones as in: “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”
2. I get to steam and then wash EVERYTHING I OWN to eradicate them.
3. I get to search for yet another apartment.
4. I get to stay on a couch at a girlfriend’s this weekend and then upgrade to an air mattress on another friend’s floor next week, where I will stay until I find another home.
5. I am in finals until mid-December.
6. My old roommate might have thrown away our cable box, meaning a sizable penalty from the cable company.
7. I get to fill out my second change of address form in one month and just hope my mail eventually finds me.
8. I have numerous itchy welts from the late night carnal feasts of the aforementioned bed bugs.
9. It is supposed to start snowing on Monday, when I move to my second location.
10. I’m going back to Tahiti at the end of the month. Ok, that’s sincerely awesome.

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