Thursday, November 30, 2006

a random appreciation

So I am back at work here in New York after a wonderful week long vacation in California with family and friends. I don't think about work much while I am away, but when I do, I assume that I'm going to hate it when I get back. That's why I'm always surprised by my strange and unexpected feelings of contentment when I return and am reminded that I actually love what I do.

I know I'm not supposed to- complaints about work seem to be the adhesive substance that bonds most people in conversation- but I can't say I don't love coming back to my familiar desk to listen to WNYC and execute my never ending list of to dos. Yes, I get overwhelmed from time to time, but I'd rather that than feel that I am static.

There's something nice about coming into an office where I interact with people and know that, even if only infinitesimally, they depend on and appreciate me. It's easy to forget this, working in a company that is so large it can feel as if I'm as insignificant as the paint on the wall. It's not that my job is particularly important, or that I am particularly proficient at what I do, but it is rewarding to know that what I do helps others and that, though I may only be moving grains of sand, this is finally what mountains are made of.

Another random appreciation?
Great writing.
On that note, I want to refer everyone to a fantastic, Plimpton-esque piece, ALMOST DANISH, that my friend and lovely Los Angeles host, Kirven Blount, wrote.
Go read it.
You'll be happy you did.

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