Friday, April 04, 2008

Learning to Love You More, Miranda July and StoryCorps

Learning to Love You More is a wonderful site where artists and others intersect, interact, intercalibrate, interbreed, interject, interchange, interfere, interfile and interfuse all the best things that words and ideas involving 'inter' can bring.
the crux of the site is a series of assignments offered by artists miranda july (of 'you, me and everyone we know' fame) and harrell fletcher. one such recent assignment was to interview someone who has experienced war, which prompted me to think of an extraordinary institution and place where this assignment could be fulfilled. that institution is StoryCorps, a national project to record and preserve our nation's oral history (thanks to suzanne for initially turning me onto this). if you have the chance to interview or be interviewed in their ever-expanding network of StoryBooths, i can only recommend you take advantage of it. it's an awesome and deeply human experience.

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