Wednesday, May 02, 2007

what would the DSM-IV-TR say?

i have at home the sexy equipment that i've been using on the first radio documentary i was hired to do (which i would post but can't, as it's an intellectual property i don't own) , so i sat down for a half hour tonight to record my third podcast- a rambling slew of opinions about the stories in google news, the new york times, and international herald tribune. i discovered in the process of transferring the file from my flash recorder to my computer, though, that the file had been corrupted and therefore, no sound was captured.

which means i've effectively spent a half hour talking to myself.

and not just apathetically.
i was speaking passionately about truth and fiction, race and religion, wolfowitz and britney spears.
i mean, THE pertinent issues of the day!
and for a whole half an hour!
which, in actuality, was more like forty minutes!
which officially qualifies me as crazy!

so what i want to know now is, when do i get the brownie patch?

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