Thursday, May 03, 2007


have you heard that our 'decider,' oh no, sorry... i mean our 'commander guy'- otherwise known as king george (as in, 'the madness of')- has threatened to veto a bill that would classify violence against gays as a hate crime?

that's right- george doesn't mind if you attack the gays and mangle them with bats and wire. hell, have at them! he also doesn't care about the young men and women he sends to iraq without sufficiant training or gear. why bother protecting them, either? or how about those fine folk in new orleans? i mean, first off, they're black, and secondly, they're poor, so let's just forget about them. they're a lot better off in the astrodome anyway, right barbara?


i live in america, i am an american, and i don't understand what country bush thinks he's in. as far as i can remember from those old textbooks i read back in high school, people came to this country to escape persecution. though if you're gay, black, muslim, poor, hispanic, or young these days, you may be wondering if those were pages you read that or just dreams you remembered.

i don't mean to curse or chastise america. this country is and forever will be my home, and i recognize and appreciate that we enjoy unparalleled freedoms here that most others never have and never will be fortunate enough to know. i recognize that this is what makes america great; that we pioneer the way for freedom.

so why, i ask you, are we now moving backwards?
i ask you only because the man i should be asking, the man responsible, doesn't seem to want to hear anything i, as an american, have to say. he has repeatedly shown that he's not interested in hearing anything of truth or significance, like whether certain countries in certain regions of the world have had certain weapons of mass destruction or not.

i don't understand bush's america.
i have never seen it.
when i look out my window, i see a mexican bodega, a pakistani cab driver, a french cafe, a japanese sushi restaurant, an african-american couple, and two romantically affectionate girls, all peaceably walking together under the glow of a colorless stick figure beaming from a crosswalk light.

that's the america I know and love, and no one in that america seems eager to war with other nations or deny their fellow citizens the right of protection from ignorance's continued persecution.
i can only come to two conclusions, then.
bush is either:
a) not an american, or
b) someone who doesn't look out his window enough.

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