Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tahiti- day 6: gone fishin'

1. I took down all photos not relevant to Tahiti or being on the boat (with the exception of 'om,' which is permanently attached to my site for sentimental reasons) because the city pictures sort of broke the illusion of you being here with me (this applies to my myspace site).
2. Grapes are good.
3. I think I woke up at a time that qualifies as the 'wee hours' of the morning today.
4. I'll probably be offline for a while. I know- it pains me, too. Dad and I are heading over to Moorea today to meet up with Mikey on Scarlet for a three day jaunt into the wilds, because here's the thing: Tahiti, the main island, is not that exotic (unless you traverse into its magnificent interior where there are waterfalls and masses of green), so if you really want to get into nature, you have to get on a boat and sail. There are so many untouched places around here, most of which I have not seen, so that's where we're hoping to head. I have a feeling it will depend on Mickey's paramour- the New Caledonian I mentioned earlier, who will also be onboard- because he'll undoubtedly want her to be happy, and if she's not the running, jumping, climbing trees (...putting on makeup when you're up there. Yes, an Eddie Izzard reference. Can't help it; I love him) type, then we may just cruise and anchor off some serene beaches and sip cocktails instead, which wouldn't be half bad, either.
5. If any of you are in or going to Italy, namely Milan, I have a very nice man named Marco who wants to meet you. Oh- you have to be female, and looking for a relationship to qualify (Baci, Marco! :))

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