Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tahiti- day 4

Day four here in Tahiti, and it’s another clear, blue one.

I just finished reading Sex and the City. Though highly entertaining as fiction, it’s a little less so as non. If all relationships in New York are truly as quantified and superficial as they read on the page, then it might be time to start looking for a new place to call home: maybe LA, where I know a nice guy who just happens to be an ex-New Yorker.

I remain optimistic about men in New York though, despite evidence that should probably have me convinced of the contrary. Maybe I am still young enough, and thereby stupid enough, to have faith, or maybe I latch onto faith because my only other option- the conviction that it’s all doomed no matter how you look at it- is a bit glum for my taste. So I remain steadfastly optimistic, and yet unconcerned because I am too preoccupied with other aspects of my life to think too long and hard about relationships.
Until I go on vacation and read a silly beach novels.
And then start talking and writing about the one subject I have consciously remained mute on in my blog up to this point because honestly, who cares?
So enough about that.

In other news, I got a helmet today so I can ride dad’s scooter, our main form of transport, around the island. We had a car last year but it died. Scooters are better because they get around traffic more easily, and they’re more fun to say.
Scooter. Scooter. Scooter.
I could go on for hours….

My body is starting to recover from the last couple months of abuse and stress I subjected it to in New York. I inadvertently fell asleep at sunset last night, slept until 7am this morning, then fell back to sleep at 3pm this afternoon for an hour, consequently burning my right leg which was sticking out from the shadow of the awning I was under.
A small price to pay.

I’m not sure of the plan tonight. It may be another quiet one, which would be fine by me. Normally we’d probably hop over to see Mikey, my dad’s very nice thirty-something year old friend who sails the beautiful 65’ boat moored next to us. He, however, has taken off for Huahini, a nearby island, to woo the girl he’s been emailing for the past four months who’s from New Caledonia. She is one of many girls he entertains but the only one he likes to call a ‘relationship’ because he has ‘invested time’ in it. The others usually only last a day or so because they’re tourists.

New Caledonia still hadn’t called two days after she’d arrived. She was staying at her ex-boyfriend’s. ‘Four months,’ Mikey cried dejectedly before calling his ex-girlfriend to make plans for Christmas Eve. Then New Caledonia rang.
“Christmas Eve?” she asked.
He called his ex-girlfriend back and said something had come up. At least that’s what I imagine he did because New Caledonia ended up staying with him and he had a merry Christmas after all.
Which just goes to show that insanity is not necessarily confined to the city. We’re all a little crazy, everywhere.

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