Monday, September 04, 2006

labor day

labor day weekend (is that an oxymoron?) is exactly as it sounds- a lot of bloody work.
i can't remember the last time i did as much and slept as little.
today i woke up (after four hours sleep), went to the west village for brunch, went to midtown for a brazilian festival, went to central park to walk around the reservoir, went to soho to shop, went to the east village to sleep, went back to soho for dinner, went to the lower east side for drinks, and finally ended up at the bar underneath my apartment where i have been dancing like a mad, spastic woman (full body-slide across the stage and all) for the past two and a half hours.
tomorrow, my friends leave back to the places from where they came.
right now, i sleep.
here's to the labor in labor day.

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