Tuesday, August 22, 2006

sap flow and mo bro

i love maple syrup.
not the aunt jemima stuff you find impersonating the real deal on supermarket shelves everywhere.
i'm talking organic vermont grade b syrup, preferably from a sugar maple, as in tree.

why am i talking about maple trees and syrup?
because in this analogy, i am a maple tree, and i'm feeling a bit tapped out, aka- drained.
that's not a bad thing; it just means i am busy, and busy usually equals happy in my world, but i could use a bit more sleep.

i'm always complaining about this sleep thing, aren't i?
oh well- gotta complain about something i suppose.

last night i had the pleasure of going to a party hosted by mo rocca for the release of adam felber's new book, schrodinger's ball.
it was a lot of fun.
i was surrounded by npr/new yorker types, talking to them about everything from energy conservation to schrodinger's cat to heisenberg's uncertainty principle to the alleged (and very odd) coupling of courtney love and mario batali to the number of people present who looked like they could be mo-brothers.
i think the book is going to be good/interesting.
i'll read it and let you know.

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