Thursday, August 10, 2006

i'm a come at you like a spider-monkey!

i love sasha baron cohen.
i'm just putting that out there.
he absolutely made talladega nights.
i admit, there is no movie i have been in a greater state of anticipation over than his turn as borat, in the feature film of the same name.
that says a lot about me.
i also like to eat glue.

i moved into my new desk/office space today.
the bbdo overhaul has turned our 80's mauve interior to a timeless one of white and grey sterility; i'm not sure how much of an improvement it is.
the renovation is not complete yet, so hopefully someone will whip out some mysterious, unforeseen element that warms up the asylum chic.

life is crazy as ever.
crazy and fantastic.
i'm moving in all sorts of new directions these days, with my creative life coming to the forefront.
i have a few exciting musical collaborations coming up, and school starts again in less than a month.

and get this- i'm meeting a life coach tomorrow. her name is mel robbins.
i've never done anything like this before.
i've seen therapists (oh- how i have seen therapists...) but that was:
a) years ago, and
b) for specific emotional problems and that had nothing to do with my lifes goals or ambitions, so this is going to be fun.
and it's free, as i'll be one of the people she councils as part of a pilot she's doing.

ok- that's all for now.
shake and bake, people.
shake and bake.

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