Monday, July 24, 2006

the rev, soza, the big sleep

When I went back to school a year ago, I became that person that you wouldn't dare ask to come out because you knew the answer would be no.
Between a full-time job and a full-time course load, any spare moment I had I wanted for myself.

I am now on break from school for the summer and get to take advantage of all the things that make this city great.
At any given time of any given day, there is something happening here.
If you're bored in NYC, you have bigger problems.

So last night started with a visit from Rev(erend) Run, from Run DMC (yes, he's a real reverend) here at the agency. BBDO is seeking to expand our entertainment relationships and get into further cross branding and interactive media, so the Rev stopped by and we watched clips from the upcoming season of his MTV reality show and listened to his new album.
Now, I am not a reality TV fan- at all, but I won't lie, the show had me laughing.
It's similar to The Osborn's, which used to be a guilty pleasure of mine, except much more functional and believe it or not, functional in this case is funny.

Then there was the launch party for my girlfriend Brenda's new company, Soza Models (website still under construction) at the Gansevoort Hotel.
She's starting this company after having left her previous company, Posh Ability, which she founded with her now ex-boyfriend.
Brenda is an insanely hard worker and I'm glad to see her succeeding so magnanimously. Soza is also currently expanding to Miami and Las Vegas, so if you need or know of anyone who needs to staff a stellar party with beautiful people, Brenda's your girl.

Then I went to see The Big Sleep at Sin-e on the Lower East Side.

This band kicks some serious ass. It's hard to describe their sound, but to call it mellow, modern Led Zep (at least in their live stuff) might come close. They're experimental without being messy and the amount of sound these three little unassuming people generate is awesome.

I filmed a bit of the show with my tiny digital camera. Forgive the camera work.
Also check out their website and myspace for tunes.

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