Monday, July 24, 2006



It just dawned on me that a week from today, I am going to have to sit in a West Village theater with a bunch of movie people and pretend that watching my 10-foot visage projected onto a blank screen in a dark room is just an everyday experience.

Next Thursday is when the Cannes short film, You & I, is having its first NYC screening.

It's exciting but at the same time, excruciating.
If you've never seen yourself on a big screen, let me tell ya- it may rank as one of the strangest experiences ever.
It actually wouldn't be so bad if not for the people who keep turning to peek at you and then, once the film is over, come up and say things like, "You look so different as a blonde!"

But that should be minimal this time. It's a relatively small screening.

Truthfully, attending the screening of a film you've worked on is a fun experience, especially once you get past the vanity part.

Best of all, you get to see those people you worked so hard with on a film that you all loved and believed in. Since we shot You & I and i last saw everyone, my wonderful co-star, Jake Robards, got married, and our fantastically talented DP, John Dryer, and his wife got preggers.

It's a celebration bitches!

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