Monday, July 24, 2006

i feel... i feel...

If youve ever stepped into an acting class, you've likely heard this before.
In fact, youve probably walked around in tight, isolated circles, looking like a crazy person in a room full of crazy people while saying,
I feel, I feel, I feel hot, I feel, I feel anxious, I feel dizzy, I feel, I feel.

So, how do you feel today?

I feel a couple things:

1. I feel disturbed:

I saw a film last night called Who Killed the Electric Car? This is yet another film that everyone should see.
It was such a sad and odd experience for me to watch this movie because, having grown up in an environmentally progressive town, I remember very well the time of electric cars and the excitement they inspired in my mother and me back in the early nineties.
its a tragic testament to the success the oil and automotive industries have had in literally crushing these green technologies and erasing their memory from popular culture that it took this film to prompt me to wonder, Yeah- whatever did happen to the electric car?
Go see it whenever and however you can. Its out in theaters (limited release) tomorrow.

2. I feel (mildly) hung over:

I went to the opening of Gonzalo Papantonakiss new art installation, 40 Days, last night at the Thom Bar. I love texturally rich, layered pieces and Gonzalos work is consistently satisfying for my funky taste. As the title suggests, it will be hanging at the Thom Bar for the next 40 days if you want to check it out.

3. I feel excited:
Its summertime; whats not to be excited about?

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