Sunday, November 28, 2010

Southern Exposure

One of the things I cherish about my apartment is the light that it gets in the early to late afternoon as the sun is going down. I shot this today at a moment when the light was bouncing off the floors and creating an isolated shaft of passing illumination. The light in the shot vaguely reminds me of the light in my father's work from the early 1980s, which brings a smile of joy and recognition to my face, even if I'm not showing it here. Tomorrow I leave to work in Miami for a few days, where I hope I will have time to capture a few photos full of warm southern light to share on my return. Until then....

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Anonymous said...

ما وظيفة لطيفة. أنا حقا أحب قراءة هذه الأنواع أو المقالات. هل يمكنني ذلك؟ تي ان ننتظر لنرى ما يقول البعض الآخر.

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