Friday, February 19, 2010

Wintersplash Tomorrow Night!

Hello all! Crystal, Megan and I are very excited to remind you that Wintersplash is- waaaait for it… 1 DAY AWAY!!! Leave your winter woes behind you and enter the world of summer fun for a night with the aid of pool toys and alcohol! IT’S GOING TO BE UNREAL!!! And the RSVPs just keep pouring in.

Alright, a few details before we get started:
If you’ve never been to the Grace, you should know that you can swim up to the bar to get your drink on but if you prefer, you can remain fully clothed and sip your libations on the other, dry side of the bar. There are implications to both of these options and they are as follows:

If you want to dry dock yourself at the bar, you just have to walk in and you’re set to drink the night away at the cash bar. For those like myself who want to enjoy the amenities of the pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and swim-up pool, there is a newly instituted admission fee of $10. The up-side of this charge is that it keeps the minions out who would otherwise overcrowd the pool. However, I know some would rather keep the night on the cheap, in which case I recommend the following: pre-game it. Come warmed up with the liquor of your choice and spend your green to get into the blue because that’s where the fun will be. Another much more costly option involves renting a room for the night (what the hell? Why not?) in which case pool entry is, obviously, gratis. Lastly, if there’s a group of you, you could buy a bottle and that grants you access to the pool all night as well.

Whatevs. We just want to have fun so if it floats your boat, do it.

One last thing: if leave your pool plunge decision to the last minute and/or don’t have a bathing suit, fear not: I’ve been told suits are sold at the front desk for $20. Modesty and alcohol usually don’t mix so we expect to see you poolside after your 2nd shot.

In summary:
-sit at the bar clothed= no admission fee/$cash bar
-swim, sweat and Jacuzzi= $10 admission fee/$cash bar
-wintersplashing the night away= priceless!

We can't wait to see you! It's going to be AH-MAZ-ING!
The Ladies Who Lunch (and Drink and Swim)

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