Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thank Yous

Megan, Crystal and I just wanted to thank everyone for coming last night. I know a lot of people came and ended up not getting in and we're profusely sorry for that. Rules about overcrowding and backward notions about lists, commerce and the like put a slight damper on the free spirit we conceived this party in, but for those who made it up the stairs, we hope the liquid night was as entertaining for you as it was for us.

It was great seeing so many lovely faces and for those we didn't get to see, we promise more parties in the future and this time, we'll make sure it's a space all our own so we get to mandate the rules and regulations- those rules and regulations being that there are none. We'll call them Red Parties and make sure not one person is turned away at the door, that there's cheap beer and liquor for everyone and that everyone has equal opportunity for reckless nocturnal abandon.
One for all and all for one.
We love you!!!

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