Monday, March 17, 2008

Home from Lima

So here is my video recap of the last couple days. You won't likely be able to read the titles so I will transcribe them below.
The song I scored this diary to is called 'Hush If You Must' by Brooke Waggoner. I had never heard of Brooke until a few weeks ago when she performed right after Crystal and me at the Canal Room. I was so impressed that I bought her album on the spot and have since been sharing it with everyone I know. If you get the chance to see her live, do. She's a monster on the piano.

1. The Airport (3/15, 12am)
-Parris and Scott argue about the meaning of the film Eyes Wide Shut.
-They argue for an hour.
-They conclude that the movie is about the difference about men and women: For women, the truth, no matter how ugly, makes her feel closer to her man. For men, the fascade is more important than the truth. Hence the mask. "If we pretend things are okay, they will be."

2. The Airplane (3/15, 2am)
-I'm sandwiched in the middle of two people.
-The person on my right sings out loud to his headphones.
-I get busted for filming him.

3. Chanson (3/15, 11:30am)
-After landing in NY, I go directly to a recording session, ass tired.

4. Birthday Brunch (11/16, 1:30pm)
-Celebrating my roommate Kanani's birthday.
-She's in the green coat.

5. The Pogues (5/16, 8pm)
-St. Patrick's Day concert at Roseland.

6. The Job Offer (5/16)
-To make beautiful films of my choice.
-The only catch: I'd have to move, far, far away.

To be continued....

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