Monday, September 10, 2007

master cleanse

my boyfriend marc has voiced his opinion that i must be crazy, but i have decided to embark on the 10-day master cleanse, for the first time in my life. thankfully, i have also managed to wrangle a partner to share in my suffering and join me in the process. it got me to thinking- maybe others out there would like to hop on the bandwagon and detox. for those who do, the book (it's short) is available in its entirety on this website:

i won't be starting right away as i am going to a taping of iron chef with bobby flay on thursday, which means i will be fed handsomely and being the gastronomically obsessed glutton that i am, there is absolutely no way i can pass that up.

then there is my friend lisa's birthday dinner party on the 20th, and there's nothing worse than being the only person at the table twiddling their thumbs, pretending not to be losing their mind because they cannot drink or eat anything, so forget that.

then i am supposed to be going to paris on the 5th of october, and you don't go to paris to fast, but i think i can fit the master cleanse in between the party and paris. my plan is to start the cleanse on the 21st of august and end it on the 4th of october, and you can bet that i will be documenting every moment of it, for which i apologize in advance....

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