Wednesday, May 09, 2007

to all young filmmakers

actually, you don't have to be young.
i recant.

filmmakers, all! i am relaying a post from moby's blog that should bring joy, and perhaps even a consequent tear, to your eye. the weeks and months you've spent laboring fruitlessly to obtain a music license for your remarkable noir art house film are over.
go thank the lovely and generous vegan man.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

today we're going to launch a new version of

today(or tomorrow, because we're very organized) we're going to launch
a new version of
it's in many ways kind of similar to the old except for a few things:

1-it looks completely different. and when you look at it, don't forget to move
your cursor around the home-page. things are hidden there.

2-it probably works better. rob, the web-master, has improved the basic architecture
of so that it will, in general, work better. i'm technologically illiterate, so i have
no idea what exactly he's done. but it's better. than it was.

3-the discography area has been updated and is now almost comprehensive.

4-and here's the biggie(well, at least i think so)...there's a new part of called 'film music'. it's essentially
a function that allows independent and non-profit filmmakers to download and use my music
for free. we're starting with about 60 pieces of eclectic, unreleased, film music, but over-time
i'll continue to update it and add more music.
these 60 pieces of music can be downloaded and used for free by student filmmakers and indie
filmmakers and, basically, anyone making a non-commercial* film, be it 2 minutes long or 400 minutes long.
if you're a filmmaker(or are in need of free music for a non-commercial film or video)you can
sign up and download and use this music for free.
i have a lot of friends in the independent film world, and their biggest complaint is that it's
either expensive or onerous to license music for their films.
so that's why i'm making a lot of my music available for free use for non-profit, independent films.
i hope you find it useful.

i hope you enjoy the new
please look below for the *.

*-yup, the asterisk. the music in the film-music part of is available for free use
for student films and independent films and non-profit films and shorts and etc. the music
is available so long as these films are not used for commercial(i.e-making money)purposes.
if you use the music in your film and your film goes on to make money: great, and congratulations.
before your film makes money, though, you'll have to apply for a commercial license
for the music. i PROMISE that the commercial licenses won't be expensive or difficult to obtain.
and any money that this music generates from commercial licenses will be given to a charity.
this year that charity will be the humane society.
ok, i hope that's clear. thanks.

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