Friday, August 25, 2006

moveon, katrina, and mel

So I went to the MoveOn/Acorn Katrina commemoration event last night. Between seeing a bunch of friends; getting entranced by readings from the book, It Takes a Nation (performed by Rosie Perez, Tarik Trotter, and Julia Stiles); and listening to the great sets from Moby (and his always amazing band, including vocalist Laura Dawn, who also wears the hat of cultural director for MoveOn) and The Roots (who had an awesome New Orleans second line brass band behind them); it was an all over fantastic night for a fantastic cause (there I go with the overuse of fantastic again).

The place (Crobar) was packed and I just have to just give a big up to Laura Dawn for putting it all together in- drum roll please...
A week.
You heard me- a week.
As someone who has produced events on a much smaller scale, that accomplishment strikes me as simply astonishing.

So, know what I'm doing this weekend?
My homework.
Life coach homework.

I have to work on an account that details all the times I have pulled away from the things that mattered to me in all areas of my life: career, education, relationships, etc.

Then I have to get all my finances down on paper.
God knows this is a challenge for me.
Financial planning is a buzzword that causes my head to fill with white noise.
I know nothing about it.
As long as there is money in my account (thank you direct deposit), I figure I've achieved my financial plan- to put a roof over my head and not starve.
I guess it's about time I got some of that here/now hippy out of me.

Shit- I hate growing up.

Finally, I have to make five concrete goals that I want to work towards accomplishing in my time with Mel.
You have no idea what a challenging request that is.

I'z got issues- but we're working on 'em.

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