Monday, July 24, 2006

rusty wheels, gary mckinnon, and party dresses

The wheels are a bit squeaky in the head this morning. I am currently experiencing the wave of fatigue that has been chasing me for the past few months and which I have been ambitiously running from, fingers in my ears, screaming Lalalala, Stephen Carell style. But now, as you may have noticed due to my increased blogging activity, I am starting to have a bit more time for myself (thank god) and all I want to do

is sleep.

Yeah, Im pretty much a good time.

OK- feeling a little warmer now, and my thoughts are wandering to this McKinnon kid ( I use the term kid loosely. I think hes in his forties), who purportedly perpetrated the biggest military hack ever, getting into the army, navy, air force, and dept. of defenses network of computers. I dont know- I think he might deserve an award. Thats kind of an achievement, right? Im not saying I agree with what he did but if I had the capability to snoop around government computers, Id be pretty damn tempted so I am willing to buy his plea that he hacked out of curiosity rather than an attempt to derail the military.

Anyway, hes now going to be extradited to America for trial, which I think is a bit ridiculous. There is no reason why he should not be tried in England, where the crime was committed, as a British citizen. Maybe I have seen too many movies but I have a feeling that the moment he hits American soil, hell be given a choice: face an inevitable seventy years in prison or some such thing, or come work for us, us being, of course, the US government. Either way, its not much of a choice.

My overriding objection, though, is that this guy hacked into what was apparently an open network. All he needed was a blank password supplied by a readily available script program. Now I am no computer expert, but it seems you didnt have to be to get the degree of access that McKinnon achieved, and though I think his statements of being just a bumbling nerd are a bit contrived and dishonest, I dont think he is the malicious enemy combatant intent on bringing down the system that he will be painted as if he is tried in this country.

So now for more important things-
What do you think of my outfit?

Yes, despite being sleep deprived I am going out tonight to say so long and farewell to a friend who is moving back to England (where she plans to free McKinnon. not really. don't think she's ever heard of him. and she likes younger men.) Anyway it should be fun. Or maybe interesting is a more appropriate word. The lounge will be filled with faces I haven't seen since I was eighteen. Yes, we'll go with interesting. Interesting fun. Now I am just second-guessing it. Ill just tell you how it was tomorrow. How about that?

p.s. it's bloody freezing in the office today. i am starting to think they do it on purpose: nipple effect. the bastards...

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