Monday, July 24, 2006

i am not a war photographer

i very sadly won't be able to make this but if you're looking for something to do sunday, this should be good. if you go, i'd love to hear what you thought of it.

Sunday, June 11 at 7 PM (Special Screening) at ocularis
ocularis website
I Am Not a War Photographer
An Illustrated Talk by Lynne Sachs

"'I Am Not a War Photographer' is a cinematic presentation and talk exploring my decade-long artistic rather than physical immersion in war. From Vietnam to Bosnia to WWII Occupied Rome to the Middle East today, my experimental documentary films push the borders between genres, discourses, radicalized identities, psychic states and nations through the intertwining of abstract and reality based imagery. In my talk, I will introduce precise visual strategies I have discovered in working with these fraught and divisive themes. Often opting for a painterly rather than a photographic articulation of conflict, I struggle with each new project to find a precise language of images and sounds with which to discuss these volatile moments in history, exposing what I see as the limits of a conventional, documentary representation of both the past and the present. Infusions of colored brush strokes catapult a viewer into contemporary Vietnam. Floating drinking glasses moving across a Muslim cemetery in Sarajevo evoke a war time without water. Pulsing, geometric mattes suspended in cinematic space block news footage of a bombing in Tel Aviv. These and many other examples form my visual approach to looking at trauma, painful memory, and conflict. By using abstraction we are not avoiding graphic realism but rather unpeeling the outer, more familiar layer, hoping to reveal something new about perception and engagement in cinema." - Lynne Sachs

Including clips from Which Way is East: Notebooks from Vietnam; Investigation of a Flame;; States of Unbelonging; and a new work-in-progress.

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