Monday, July 24, 2006

hit me baby, one more time

Things Im sick of: The medias, and thereby our, obsession with britneys parenting skills or lack thereof.

This is not news people. Thats for starters. Secondly, leave the damn girl alone already.
She may blonde, stupid, and famous, but these alone are not reasons for persecution.
She may be a wholly unsuitable and unfit parent (can someone get her some birth control, please?) but give me a break- People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Its a tragedy that we, as a country, would rather read bubble-gum gossip about the insufficient parenting skills of a girl who is of no ultimate consequence than focus on and question our own mindless need to obsess over other peoples lives rather than look at our own.
But then I suppose that is what fuels the gossip machine, the resultant magazines of which are growing in popularity at an exponential rate (more than 1 million dollars in sales for in touch magazine last summer and 1.7 million dollars in sales for us weekly. A bit nauseating).

It is, of course, easier to condescendingly scorn britney for nearly dropping her child than to see in her our own reflection, both on an individual level as biological parents (, and on a nation level in a government unwilling and unable to look after and care for its own people.

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