Monday, July 24, 2006

art notes

this was going to be a series of art related notes but it's not anymore.
deal wit' it.
1) My lovely friend megan has just completed writing her play, "This is Way Beyond My Remote Control," and is throwing a party/fundraiser to move the show into production. details are as follows.
It's on Thursday June 8TH, at a bar called PORKEYS (yes, like the movie. never been there before but it should be interesting...) on 21street bet. 5th and 6th ave. from 7-11pm.
7-8 $10 free drinks
8-11 $ suggested donation.
Stimulus from "The Real Live Show" will be DJing.
according to his bio, "Stimulus (NYC) is a world renowned DJ/Emcee (Playboy Magazine Japan, Trace Magazine, International DJ magazine, Time Out NY) with a very humble vibe and the ability to rip any genre of music from hip-hop, rock to classics, reggae and international in a crowd-pleasing fashion."
Never heard him before either but i will say this- I will be TEARING UP the dance floor regardless, and that's a promise.

2) This is a random pull but I was eavesdropping on conversations all around me at lunch and was reminded of the amazing StoryCorps project, the largest oral history project ever undertaken. Partnered with NPR, StoryCorps aims to "record stories in sound," and they're doing an amazing job of it. You can interview anyone you like or volunteer to be interviewed by someone else. Everything goes into the library of congress so if your desire is to be immortal, this might be as good as it gets.

3) To my friends like Caitlin who have been writing and asking, "you're in a movie? wtf!?" I guess the answer is yes, as evidenced by the trailers on my page. I did some work last year before deciding to return to school and get a bit more involved at work. eh basta cosi.

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