Monday, May 09, 2011

Project Updates

I'm so accustomed to posting all my updates on Facebook that I forget to share things elsewhere but in addition to my documentary The Long Way Home, I have been working on a couple of photography projects worth mentioning.

First off, there's the 2,552 Mile Project:

The 2,552 Mile Project was conceived as an artistic collaboration between two photographers: Alexis Stember in Brooklyn, New York, and Monika Clarke in the small northern town of Hayden Lake, Idaho. Each photographer shoots a roll of 35mm film and sends it to the other photographer, 2,552 miles away, who then reloads the roll to create a series of double-exposed images that fuse together two geographically based experiences into a single frame. With no more than a generalized theme behind each round of work, the hope is to encounter visual accidents that upset and/or affirm stereotypes and expectations; to capture in analog form a world that seems to grow smaller with each technological advance; and to see how close, or far apart, 2,552 miles really is.

And then there's The Delishous, a fun and frivolous look at faces and fashion on the street.

Click through and follow them both!

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