Friday, November 12, 2010

A Life On/Off Facebook

Let me state for the record that I absolutely love Facebook. I love using it to keep in touch with the many wonderful people I've met in life and I love the constant exposure to new and interesting content that's shared across my various networks of friends. What I don't love is the seductive yet ultimately meaningless cycle of consumption and instant gratification that Facebook engenders.

And so, my friends, I have de-activated my account. Not forever, but for now.

It's time for me to fill the well again and engage in the slow, private process of content creation rather than consumption. Once I have something to show for myself, I'll return with the hope that ravenous content consumers like me are still out there, standing by to enjoy (or not) the fruits of my labor. Until then, I will relegate my internet presence to the occasional post here and on Persons+Things.


Rena J. Mosteirin said...

I hear you, but I love facebook because without it, I wouldn't know about things like this:

When I saw it, I thought of you and the way your photographs are arranged, what they depict and unpack and why they do the work they do. In particular, I love your photographs of Abuela, and perhaps that's why I thought about you when I saw this series.

Alexis Stember said...

I love that, Ren. And I totally agree that the sharing of things like this is what makes FB so special. Thanks for passing it along while I'm on my hiatus. Keep it coming :)

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