Friday, June 11, 2010

A Little Camera Talk

My friend Monika asked me last night if I was on a photographic sabbatical. The answer is yes, but only temporarily. I'm currently concentrating on things I haven't managed to focus on in years like yoga, organizing my apartment, making new friends, etc. That said, I miss taking pictures and will be taking more soon. In the meantime, I sent off all the film I shot on my recent, remarkable vacation in France so I will have those to post shortly. In the meantime, here's a shot of Marion in Cannes that I took with Monika's Nikon D40 and an old non-metering lens. I am not a Nikon shooter and hadn't shot with the D40 before but I really fell in love with this little kit. If I weren't so heavily invested in Pentax, Nikon would definitely have my attention. For anyone who wants a cheap but excellent entry into digital photography, I think the D40 and an old lens, which together would run a total of around $375 from, is an awesome way to go. It's light, it's intuitive, you'll have to learn about things like shutter speed and aperture (aka photography!) and the pictures will look and print wonderfully, so long as you don't plan to print larger than 8x10, but then, who even prints anymore?

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