Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catching Up

I will start the way I seemingly always do: It’s been a while.

It shocks even me how long it’s been since I last wrote. A few things have happened in that time. I got back to New York and finished the job I was shooting in LA. Summer came to the city and with it, 28 days of rain.

I took my first official vacation in a year to visit my friend Mary Cuddehe in Mexico City. Marc came with me.

Mexico City

I got back to New York and Marc and I promptly moved into a new apartment in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. I love the neighborhood, particularly the amazing specialty mom and pop food shops for cheese, meat and bread that have been standing for decades. It’s encouraging in the face of perpetual gentrification and homogenization so prevalent in New York, of which I am admittedly a part.

Goodbye East Broadway

Ciao Manhattan

The Apartment

Hello Brooklyn

I've been doing a lot of cooking in the new home and it's making me happy as pie. It helps that I'm simultaneously reading My Life in France, Julia Child's wonderful memoir. And with all the current Julie and Julia hype, I've been inspired to take cookbooks off the shelf and get to work. I have the smallest kitchen in the world with no prep space to speak of but I embrace it as a challenge in figuring out more efficient means of planning. I run it the way I do my productions: with lots of thought ahead of time. It has worked out well so far but I have yet to tackle really elaborate meals. I plan to, though.

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