Monday, December 08, 2008

Quiet American

I was speaking with my father about sound and music today and felt compelled to recommend a site, or a couple of sites, that I find really wonderful for anyone interested in nature as music and sound as art. The first site that comes to mind is Quiet American. As stated on the website,"Quiet American is the manipulation of sounds I hear and record.... My goal with Quiet American is to sketch in sound the experience of being in an unfamiliar place." I particularly like the one-minute vacations you can download from the site. It's a wonderful way to momentarily escape the realities we face everyday with a lack of freshness or perspective.

A few other sites I love and recommend.:
FreeSound Project: Community of Sound Gatherers
Re:Sound: Stories and Experimental Sound Art
Transom.Org: Site Full of Interviews, Equipment Reviews, Etc.
Public Radio Exchange: Fairly Self Explanatory
Story Corps: Oral History Site

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