Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sorry Apple fans, but Blackberry kicks Mac's ass in the latest round of Smartphone wars. I am, however, relatively devastated that Blackberry appears to be pushing the launch of the Bold from July to August. Sob. In the meantime, I guess I'll have to scratch my itch for technology by coveting the Amazon Kindle (been lasciviously ogling it for some time now but still on the fence about getting it) and the Canon Vixia HV30 camcorder (for personal use).
A girl can dream.

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Alexis Stember said...

I posted this on my Facebook page and got these comments, to which I responded and will share here, should the same thoughts be running through anyone else's head:

Corey Maher (New School) wrote
at 1:19pm
Screen's half the size, no onboard hard drive, and no touchscreen. I'm still getting an iPhone.

Kanani Yates (Berklee) wrote
at 1:24pm
i loved my blackberry. i really truly did. if for no other reason than blackberry messenger. however, iphone has real internet. aaaaaaand it's so much more versatile. gotta do it. eventually. haha.

Alexis Stember wrote
at 1:33pm
in response, i don't like the touchscreen. give me a real keyboard any day. and despite the screen being half the size, it plays full screen films in a resolution equal to that of the iphone. and onboard memory? who needs it when you have a microSD port? as for real internet, the new blackberry runs on the exact same network (3G) as the new iphone and loads the exact same scripts as the new iphone, unlike former blackberry models that only loaded htm. they weigh the same but here are just a few of the features the new blackberry has that the iphone lacks: instant messenger, video camera, 5x zoom, bluetooth tethering, copy and paste clipboard (soooo important in my book), multiple sms-ing, voice command and voice recorder.
sorry yo, but blackberry still kicks iphone's ask imho.

Alexis Stember wrote
at 1:40pm
by the by, you can see a video on the blackberry bold here:

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