Friday, May 09, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I haven’t written in quite some time. Because I feel out of practice, I’ve decided to write this entry as a list of loosely associated thoughts that seem in some way to pertain to my life. It belongs in the stream of consciousness category.

-Dr. J is coming to visit. In June. We’re going to see Four Tet.
-Moby is in Belgium. Or was. Yesterday.
-My mom is amazing. Hej mama.
-I’m at a new job. Freelance producing. Ads again. It’s been a few weeks. It’s actually pretty awesome. When I’m not overwhelmed or stressed.
-I want to start working out again. Need more energy.
-I bought cigarettes yesterday. Great way to get healthy. Especially considering they need to be accompanied by a drink.
-I saw Lykke Li perform with El Pero Del Mar last night. It was love-Li.
-I went into a posh lingerie shop the other day and found myself reaching for the same lacy panties as a woman I realized was Meryl Streep. She's even more fabulous in my eyes now.
-I’m excited about the weekend.
-I have the best friends ever. I’m not saying they're better than yours; I’m just saying they’re amazing.
-I am going to bake a pie in the next two days.
-2008’s Whitney Bicentennial struck me as unexceptional, while the Poussin exhibit at the Met was beautiful. It is the last weekend to see the Poussin exhibit, btw.
-I want to see a good movie this weekend. Suggestions?
-Iron Man was fun.
-I’m mildly obsessed with the Microphones “The Glow Pt 2 Reissue” album. The 1:39 minute Instrumental track is gorgeous.
-Be Your Own Pet is coming to NY at the end of the month. I think I may have to go.
-My friend Sage and his band Ready Aim Fire is performing at Southpaw next Friday. You should come.
-Sunday is Mother’s Day. Don’t forget!

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