Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guillermo Vargas Habacuc

I don't usually take my personal or political causes to my friends but I am sufficiently horrified by a particular artist who justifies the cruelty inherent in his work by labeling it art. Equally horrific is the validation he's receiving from the artistic community. I am forwarding the email below in hopes that you may be moved to sign the petition, as I did.
Hope this finds you well.

In 2007, the 'artist' Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, took a dog from the street, tied him to a rope in an art gallery, and starved him to death.

For several days, the 'artist' and the visitors of the exhibition have watched emotionless the shameful 'masterpiece' based on the dog's agony,
until eventually he died. The photos below document his 'work', if there is any doubt.

Does it look like art to you?

But this is not all... the prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American decided that the 'installation' was actually art, so that Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel action for the biennial of 2008.


It takes a second to help put a stop to animal abuse. Please sign the petition to stop this asshole by going to

Please repost and encourage your friends to sign the petition. Make a statement!

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