Thursday, March 06, 2008

testing testing 123

i have work pouring out of my eyes right now. i get on a plane tomorrow, which is about a whole lot of days too soon. at the same time, i can't wait. i'm super excited about peru now, and i promise to take as many pictures as i can.
in my necessary moments of diversion in the process of finishing this script, i thought i'd try posting a little widgety thing i just discovered that's supposed to allow me to put music directly into my blog. now given that i haven't had time to actually write any music lately, i'm putting up a really old song that's not actually a song, but more of a thought put to some notes. it was called delicate when i scratch tracked it, so i guess it still is. oh, and on that note, i will actually be making music again- yay!- starting march 15th, when i step into the studio for the first time in ages to record a full stember/newell album. crazy, yo.

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