Monday, March 03, 2008

Site Update

As you can see, this site has undergone a bit of a redesign. I've changed the look and, more importantly, have added a number of new links to sites I love. If you have more sites that I should add, please send them my way.

While I have the stage here, I want to mention that it is Monday, which means tomorrow is the big March 4th Primary. Clinton is showing a slight lead in Ohio, while Texas is neck and neck. If you're an Obama supporter and can manage to find a little time in your day today, please pick up the phone and make some calls to rally support:

If you've been at all swayed by Clinton's repeated comment that Barack, while wonderful, can't offer much more than inspiring talk while she offers skill, action and management, let me just remind you that a quick glance at her campaign would negate that claim before she's even won the nomination. Obama's campaign, however, has been so masterfully run that, as Saturday Night Live parodied in "Democratic Debate #2' this past weekend (very funny, btw. WATCH IT HERE), Obama may decide to opt out of public financing and instead rely on private financing for his general election campaign, should he win the nomination. In the words of SNL's fake Tim Russert (aka the brilliant Darrell Hamond):

"Let me make sure I understand this. You're saying that after promising the American people you would take nearly $100 million of their hard earned tax money, you're now going to give it back to them to use as they see fit, and you think they'll still vote for you?"

Cue laughter.

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Heather said...

ooh, I like the look, very pretty!

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