Monday, March 24, 2008

Candy from the Easter Bunny

It’s the day after Easter, also known as ’Pasquetta’ or ’Little Easter’ in Italy, and therefore time to enjoy the basket of virtual goodies that our beloved and fertile bunny rabbit has left behind to remind us that spring is the time for getting down and dirty.

On that note, Down and Derby is back on at Studio B this Friday, March 28, fulfilling your every American-Apparel-On-Rollerskates dream.

On April 1st, Stranger Than Fiction kicks off its 10-week Spring Season with ’Order of Myths’, one of the most acclaimed films from Sundance ’08. That may not be saying a lot given that Sundance failed to produce much this year, but reviews have been good and when STF endorses, I’m there. I should also mention that on May 13th, Barbara Kopple, whose film ’Harlan County, USA’ still ranks among my top 10 favorite documentaries, will be showing another of her films called ’My Generation’ on STF night at the IFC theater. Mark it on your calendar.

OK, now for television....
The show I’ve been working on premiers on April 5th at 7pm on WLIW here in NY and other PBS affiliates elsewhere. I have written, produced and/or directed 5 episodes over the past year now,the premier episode among them, so it’s nice to see this little egg finally hatch. To see and/or read more about it, click here:

Lastly, as I’ve run out of my self-allotted time to look busy at work without actually being so, The Cracked Society Revue is coming to The Box on March 26, and nothing could be sweeter than that.
Details below.

Moby, Laura Dawn, Daron Murphy, & Aaron Brooks, aka The Little Death, would like to invite you to join us for a very special night that we’ve created and curated just for you.

Along with our some-what friend, the notorious pain in the ass Rene Risque, we’ve put together a very special show entitled, The Cracked Society Revue.

Cracked like our hearts. Cracked like this crazy messed up world. Cracked like the Ecuadorian jail Rene Risque was recently sprung from by our common (and of course, anonymous) benefactor.

Also joining us will be the lovely and exciting Lady Rizzo and the Assetttes, along with a few special surprise guests.

And even better, The Cracked Society Revue will be debuting at The Box, the only club in town suitable for this particular line up of notorious bon vivants.

If you like your blues dark and hot, your ladies full of flash and fire, your aging euro-trash rockers drunk and libidinous, and your whiskey straight up and expensive, then this is quite possibly the perfect night for you.

Please join us for:

The Cracked Society Revue

The Little Death
Rene Risque
Lady Rizzo & the Assettes
& special guests


THE BOX, located at 189 Chrystie Street
Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
Doors open at 8pm
Show starts prompty at 9pm

To purchase tickets, click here:


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