Wednesday, February 14, 2007

online love poetry slam

so over at crystal's office, they started a bitter haiku competition in honor of this lovely day. that inspired more poetry. now it's your turn. post your v-day related poem, picture, youtube clip of your last interpretive dance performance, below...

I saw your ex-wife
She asked if I knew your "move."
You're right, she IS fun!

I'm only with you
To get to your hot brother
He makes more money.

Be my Valentine
Oh, that's right, you are a bitch
Shoot yourself instead
(-tom winner)

Friends with benefits?
Sure. You die and I'll collect
The life insurance.

Could you stop talking
About yourself for one sec
So I can dump you?

Oh why, I ask, do
I want things I cant afford?
Like having you killed.

He lies to her, and her to he,
He lies back down, and so does she.

after getting on one knee
and charming her with poetry;
after pouring her champagne
and offering her the perfect ring;
after laying bare his soul-
relinquishing complete control-
he kissed gently her mouth and thigh,
and she gave him her kind reply:
"gosh," she said.; he sat in wait.
"maybe first, a second date?"

Saint valentines day
Is cold and brown from ice sleet
Seems fitting, somehow

And then he asked, "Why?"
And I said, "Because you gave
me Russell Stover."

Poetry.....bite me.

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