Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tahiti- day 11

Okay, so apparently I confused people with my whole "I'm back, I'm back" New Years post. I'm not actually back in New York yet; that doesn't happen until the 5th. Where I am is back on the mainland of Tahiti, which means I have Internet access again.
So that's my correction.

New Years Eve itself is a blur. Dad, Mickey, Sandrine and I went to Dido and Marie's party, the theme of which was Ancient Egypt. People came in fantastic costumes, most of which had melted or been peeled off by midnight. Dido and Marie did an amazing job with their new house, which had to be one of the most magnificent houses I had ever seen. They converted the entire lower level of the house into a tent: with hieroglyphics, pillows, black lights, fans, and lots and lots of food and liquor. That led out to a patio, entirely lit by candles, which had mats to lounge on throughout. The upstairs- essentially a roofed, open-air balcony- overlooked the ocean, Moorea beyond it, and multiple displays of fireworks.

What still amazes me is that I have never, in all my traveling, encountered a group that parties quite like the Tahitians. You can't even go to a casual party here and expect to sleep before dawn, while real Tahitians carry on well past noon. We retired from our New Years party at 7:30am, came back to the boat, slept until 3pm, then met up with people again and drank champagne until sunset. That's the other thing about Tahitians- they seem to always be drinking either their local beer, Hinano, or champagne. Nothing else.

The night of January 1st, dad and I spent watching a movie on the boat and I recorded a new song, which I will post once I'm back in the States.

Today dad and I have been dotting is and crossing ts on one of his new projects, and we are now off to the market for some milk and bread, to be followed by dinner with friends at The Pink Coconut.

It's hard for me to grasp that eleven days have gone by and there are only two left to go. For a place where time moves notoriously slow, this trip is coming to an end remarkably fast.

an appropriately blurry 7am picture from upstairs on new years.

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