Monday, October 02, 2006


last night was crystal ponzio's performance at the bitter end.
it was a wonderful little show- friends showed up, the space was nice and intimate, and crystal was quite a star.
i realized three quarters through the show that i had been on stage (i was singing backup) just staring at her the whole time, slightly slack-jawed. i have much love and respect for the girl from el paso.

this week, it's back to work; a task made easier by input from mel robbins, the life coach i've referred to in previous posts. she's helped me to get my life into a nicely structured routine, whereby i manage my personal health and well-being (the first thing historically known to be thrown by the wayside when i am overworked or overwhelmed) with all the other things on my plate.
this is very new to me- the whole idea of putting myself first.
it's nothing short of revolutionary, and endlessly rewarding.

i'm going to the gym now.

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