Tuesday, October 31, 2006

i will be brief (because i have to catch a bus)

i think i am going to start photo blogging.
it won't be good photo blogging necessarily, but i don't have much time to write these days, and i've heard that a picture says a thousand words so i am going to try and give my camera a little work out.
as for the anthropological dissection of my bag, that is actually part of a larger, world-wide project in which people from all over pool their bag's contents in a flickr photo community.
i thought it was niffty so i joined in.
maybe i will take a picture of my room right now because it is almost completely empty.
i have a bed left- that's about it.
i moved all my stuff (with two amazing friends' help) to the upper west side on sunday but i can't actually move myself in until the weekend because the person living there doesn't leave until then.
ok, now i am just rambling.
and it's time to catch the bus.

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