Thursday, October 05, 2006

gen art

I only recently connected with this group but I already love it. They put on fantastic events showcasing fantastic artists in seriously gorgeous spaces. The last one I went to was in a huge old bank and there were gorgeous female dancers staging their performance art in and around the crowds of people gathered there, as well as from the ceiling where they dangled from opulent red satin ribbons in tremendous displays of grace and strength.

Last night, I went to Gen Art's launch for Lipton's new line of teas. I know- it sounds the opposite of sexy, but it was clean, beautiful, and sophisticated. The idea, Gen Art CEO Ian Gerard told me, was to update Lipton's image. I don't know... I don't really go for advertising and branding, but the party, I can say, was nothing short of sumptuous.

It was housed in a renovated modern event space on 28th between 10th and 11th that opened just two months ago (formerly Tunnel). Each area within the space had a themed environment where a fashion designer showcased their clothing on models who lounged around on the various pieces of furniture. The scenes, the clothes, and the models were a nice touch- definite eye candy.

This is why I love Gen Art; they're smart. They know how to bring artists and the public together. Theirs is the oldest trick in the book but they execute it particularly well. It's called alcohol, and as long as it's provided, people show up, and as long as people show up, the work is seen. What Gen Art does a good job of is making sure the work seen is worthy of the eyes that befall it.

So three cheers for Ian and Gen Art, and all the lovely people who supply them with the goodies and services to make their events happen.

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