Wednesday, September 20, 2006

my life now.

Things are in full swing here.
Yesterday, which resembles most days, looked like this:

7am: wake up
9-5: work
6-9: class
9-11: rehearsal
11-12: read/homework
12:30: sleep
7am: wake up

School is good.
So far, my non-fiction workshop and audio engineering class have been stand-outs.
Zia Jaffrey leads the workshop class. She's great: very astute, direct, political, intelligent, and she is constantly exposing us to copious amounts of new, relevant literary work.
My audio engineering class is taught by Scott Noll, who I have taken an immediate liking to; he is Lester Bangs incarnate, and his studio- where we work- is highly tricked out, something I might have expected if I'd known that he reads Wired Magazine (which I also must profess to love) from cover to cover.

So like I said, I was rehearsing after class for Saturday's show last night (which I hope you'll come to if you're in NYC. Cibelle, the band we're opening for, just got recommended as 'the' thing to see on Saturday by Flavorpill). This is only the second rehearsal I've had with the band, as I'm only chiming in on one song, but they are a blast to jam with. I always feel like I've been basking in sunshine next to a tall pitcher of Sangria when I play with them.

Ok, must get back to work now.

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