Friday, September 01, 2006

best day ever.

that's what it is.

i had an amazing, illuminating dinner with my friend mo last night.
i was drinking a cocktail called the angry lesbian; it was just what the doctor ordered.
i've had issues with anger my whole life (not being able to express it), so last night my friend had me practice getting what i considered to be viciously angry- and i realized that not only was it not so bad, but it wasn't actually so mean, either.
it was just kind of honest and communicative.
that realization shifted my perspective completely, balancing reality with my skewed perception.
it's crazy how one little cog in the machine of ones psyche can come into alignment and then everything feels, seems, sounds, looks, smells, and tastes different.

warning- topic is now changing....

i leave to go on a brief overnight trip in an hour and i'll have no internet connection or cellphone service (actually there's probably service but my phone is dead) so i'm out until tomorrow.

i come back for my newly brazilianized roommate ray's birthday.
he turns the grand old age of 25!!

also, the amazing laurinah arrives tomorrow for a labor day visit.
absolutely balls to the wall excited about that.
no, there is no logic in that expression.

i hope you all have an extraordinary holiday.

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