Tuesday, September 26, 2006

barra libre post-script

so saturday's show was fantastic.

by the time i hit the stage mid-show, the energy in the room was happily flowing.
the best part of being an interstitial part of the show is getting to hear the crowd whispers before going up.
"these guys can jam," "yo- these guys rock," and "who are they?" were comments circulating near me.
by evenings end, the experienced and the barra libre virgins were grooving together- a beautiful thing.

i'll try and put some footage up soon, as my wonderful and equally insane friend chris taped the show, despite the fact that one of the waitresses hit him up for a ridiculous $250 charge to do so, WHICH HE PAID.
i told you he was insane.
but thank you chris.
that was so far beyond necessary, generous, etc. and the tape will be cherished forever.
p.s. mom- you should know that when i asked him why he didn't just stop filming, he said he didn't want to disappoint you.

all this contact with music lately has inspired me to start working with some of the songs i've already written, so after this sunday's show with crystal ponzio, i am going to recruit a few of my talented friends to create a showcase. i will, of course, keep you posted on that. perhaps we'll have a show up before christmas.

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