Sunday, August 20, 2006

whales are nice

My dad sent these pictures to me from Tahiti, where he lives.
The whales have come out to surf in the channel.
They are so beautiful but once again, their lives are being endangered.
Please look at and sign the petition below to play a small but not insignificant part in providing protection for them.

Sign the Petition

This is the statement that will accompany the petition:

We the undersigned wish to show our support for an end to commercial whaling.

We believe that the slaughter of whales for so-called 'scientific reasons' is wrong.

We wish to add our voices to the global campaign to protect these precious mammals from extinction.

This petition will be sent to Greenpeace, The International Whaling Commission and the Australian Federal Government.

Target: International Whaling Commission
Current Signatures: 261189
Signature Goal: 1,000,000

Welcome to Whales Revenge, an ambitious campaign to gather 1 million signatures for a petition to stop whaling.

Every year thousands of precious mammals are slaughtered in the name of so-called 'scientific research'.

Add your voice by signing this campaign then forwarding it everyone you know. Please help us stop the killing.

Whales Revenge

Date: Friday 23 June, 2006

Japan scores but the fights not over

Japan has won its first vote at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in 20 years. A vote that endorses its pro-whaling position. But the fight is not over, not by a long shot.

The small victory to Japan could in fact work against them according to Australian Environment Minister Ian Campbell. He believes more nations opposed to whaling will become involved in the IWC and vote with countries like Australia.

As the creator of Whales Revenge, I have been blown away by the massive amount of people from all over the world who have singed the petition to stop all whaling.

Since being started in February this year nearly 200-thousand people have added their names to the Whales Revenge website.

So what is the campaign?

I asked myself - what can one person do to help stop the whale slaughter?

Answer: Get 1,000,000 signatures and have fun at the same time!

One Million thats the number of names being collected to take to the International Whaling Commission.

The idea is simple, design a fun, free online game and use the internet to spread the word.

People visit, play the game, sign a petition and then email their friends about the game.

Like most people, I was frustrated and upset by whats going in the Southern Ocean and like most people I felt powerless to do anything about it, until now.

Im convinced that many more people feel the same way so I have set out to prove the point.

Whales Revenge is an attempt to draw more attention to whats going on, but its also a good way to take out some of your frustrations in fun way. The whales finally get their revenge on the whaling ships in a classic arcade style game.

The game:
The .. Save four whales by sinking the whaling ships while avoiding the harpoons. Then sign the petition and send it to all your friends.

Contact: Patrick Bonello

61 3 9592 0804

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