Tuesday, August 08, 2006

stuck on you

from idealbite.com

Stuck on no-stick pans?

..>..>The Bite: Unstick yourself ASAP. Pans that use Teflon and other no-stick coatings contain chemicals such as PFOA, linked to birth defects in animals. A panhandlerâs best bet? Cast-iron or stainless steel-lined, since unlined copper and aluminum can dissolve, uninvited, into food.

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We know, Teflonâs SO easy to clean! But a couple extra scrubs are worth it if it means fewer harmful chemicals on your plate.


Wilmington, DE and Rosehill, NC both claim to be home to the worldâs largest frying pans (10 ft in diameter and they actually work for frying).


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The Benefits
  • Keep potential carcinogens out of your dinner. The EPA is asking companies using PFOA to phase it out - just 2 to 5 minutes on the stovetop is enough for PFOA to leach.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Chances are your pans will outlast you. Teflon gets scratched easily.
  • Save a canary! Toxic emissions from no-stick pans have been linked to pet bird deaths (birds have very sensitive respiratory systems).
  • Another source of iron. Weâre not saying that you should eat the pan, but cast iron pans add a little extra iron to your diet.

Personally Speaking
Toshio has been known to work out with his heavy cast-iron pans. And fellow San Francisco Bite team member Sara can vouch, since Toshio uses every chance he has to show off his biceps.

Wanna Try?
Here are a few great starter sets (but you can buy the pans individually also):..>..>

This tip submitted by Kelly McNamara.

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