Monday, July 24, 2006

tarmac blogging

tarmac blogging

i'm supposed to be in california right now, but i think mother nature realized i'd forgotten my bikini at home and decided it was best to send me back to get it. her way of organizing this was to make jfk a zoo around the time i was supposed to leave last night and to ensure that every flight had been massively overbooked, which then forced me back into the city for dinner and drinks in the l.e.s., followed by a raucous morning watching the england vs. portugal game with friends in soho. then it was back out to jfk.

luckily, i happen to love going to the airport. it's a time when i feel completely without burdens. i get to turn off my phone and relax, knowing i have no real control over when i get where. i can just kick back and write blogs on myspace next to my single piece of luggage; a book bag with three books, my computer, a few pairs of panties, and a toothbrush in it.
oh- and of course, that bikini i went back home to get.
life just seems easier this way.

so i am on standby for tonight's flight, which boards in half an hour. they say i have a 60/40 chance of getting on.
they're still having space issues.
if i don't get on tonight's flight, i'll likely just end up staying in nyc.
i'm waiting to see what my fate will be.

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