Monday, July 24, 2006

real food

i am an old-school romantic when it comes to food. i dream of a time when things were not highly processed or refined; when people had small, self-sustaining gardens; when the words fresh and organic were presumed adjectives and not marketing buzzwords.

so i was very excited to have the pleasure of hearing Nina Planck speak about her new book, Real Food, on the brian lehrer show this morning. she had many wonderfully sensible things to say and share, one of which was a great treat to any fellow new yorkers out there:

there is a new Real Food Market that just opened up on june 17. so the current real food markets running in nyc currently are:

Petrosino Square
Lafayette Street between
Kenmare & Spring
Saturdays 10 am-2pm
June 17 - December 23

South Village
6th Avenue between
Bleecker & Houston
Saturdays 10 am-2pm
June 17 - December 23

you can click on the blue links above for more information.
please do.

it would be a wonderful world if we all supported small, organic, humane farmers.

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